Marine destroyed by fellow Marine after she challenged him in martial arts training

A Female Marine attempting to square up against one of her male counterparts during Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) training got her clock punched- and many are criticizing how quickly male spectators acted in her defense.

Taking place during Engineer Day at Camp Pendleton, the pugil stick match featured a male and female Marine squaring off, preparing to engage each other in simulated close-quarters combat.

When the signal was given, the ending was rather predictable- the male Marine charged the female Marine, brushing aside her defense and putting her on the ground.

Her male challenger remained in the fight for some time, eventually being relieved by another combatant.

In the video’s comment section, many criticized several male Marines for “white-knighting” on behalf of the Female Marine, who was consistently pulled from the melee when she was being beaten down, unlike her male counterparts.

“Nice, they pull him off of her and then stop it standing twice, but when it’s another man they just let them go in and swing,” one user wrote. “What did she get out of this experience?”

“It’s weird why they didn’t break up the guys after they collided like they did the girl,” Cory Galovich chimed in. “I’m confused about that.”

The referee seemed to catch most of the flak, however.

“I didn’t know referees show up on the battlefield, warning men to take it easy on the “’female warriors,” a viewer commented.

Pugil sticks were adopted in the early 1940s as a way to train combat personnel how to master the use of their rifle and bayonet in close-quarters. The US Marine Corps were the first to adopt the training regimen.

This article originally appeared on Popular Military in 2019. 

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