Marine Corps flag stolen from veteran’s home, thief captured on camera

A Marine veteran woke up on Wednesday morning to find that his U.S. Marine Corps flag had been stolen from his home in Lubbock, Texas.

Joe Maldonado says he checked his Ring app, connected to his front door camera, and found footage of the theft at around 2:30 AM that morning.

He told the local news the flag has great significance to him and his fellow Marines.

“If you ask any Marine what the flag is about they’re going to tell you, it’s just a symbol of how prideful we are to be part of the elite, you know that squad of Marines,” he said.

“The flag has sentimental [value] for me but it’s not important,” he told WAVY. “I can always get another flag and if someone really wanted something like that I wouldn’t have a problem giving it to them but when you come and steal it, you know, it’s just not right.”

Maldonado said he filed a police report.

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