Marine claims VA failed him, saying “he wished he died in Vietnam” just before dying

A Marine who was wounded in combat during the Vietnam War has died one month after being diagnosed with lung cancer.

Roy Hall, who been going to the VA for years, claimed his VA doctor missed his cancer diagnosis -which was eventually discovered by another doctor when it was terminal.

“I wish I would’ve gotten killed in Vietnam,” Hall said, from his death bed. “Then I wouldn’t have to go through this. I f***ing hate it.”

The sixty-eight-year-old was diagnosed with the terminal cancer when he visited a hospital emergency room in Hilo, Hawaii.

On Saturday, he passed away while holding his wife Edy’s hand.

It was his dying wish to share his story with others in hopes it could lead to improved health care for all service members, according to Hawaii News Now.

During an interview in his home last week, Roy Hall said, with tears in his eyes, “I’m trying not to hate anyone.”

Roy believes that his exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam was the cause of his cancer.  “They would spray it and walk us right through it,” Hall said.

In Roy’s final days the tumors from metastatic lung cancer pushed through walls of his chest leaving masses on his back.

Roy says he went to the Hilo VA primary care clinic seeking treatment for debilitating back pain in 2014.  During this visit, the VA only prescribed him pain pills and PTSD therapy.

Despite therapy, the horrors of war still haunted him decades later. “I f***ing killed so many people,” Roy Hall said during his interview, crying.

In March, Roy ended up in the Hilo VA’s ER after throwing his back out. Instead of conducting a chest X-ray, which would have noticed the cancer, the doctor ordered no additional tests or scans, and again referred him for mental health treatment along with physical therapy.

“We take all allegations seriously. However, after a thorough review of Mr. Hall’s medical records, the VA-Pacific Islands Health Care System can confidently say that all was done appropriately to provide the highest quality of care for him,” the VA said in a statement.

“If I had the right doctor. I could have got this taken care of five months ago,” said Roy.

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