A junior enlisted Marine was subjected to a healthy dose of his own nonsense when he was reportedly caught doing the Fortnite dance during the colors.

As with many naval traditions, the United States Navy adopted that of morning and evening colors from the British. The practice of morning
and evening colors has always been made at 0800 and sunset respectively, and was first codified in the 1843 Rules and Regulations for the
government of the Navy.

Morning and evening colors are now described in Article 1206 of Navy Regulations. Approximately five minutes before colors, the word is passed, “First call, first call to colors.” At 0800 or sunset, “Attention” is sounded on the bugle or one blast is blown on a police whistle. Everyone within sight or sound face the national ensign and, if not information, render the hand salute (if not in uniform, come to attention and if in a car come to a complete stop).

In the video, which was reportedly filmed in California, a boot Marine is being forced to do the Fortnite character dance to the point of exhaustion, all while an unamused Non-Commissioned Officer demands he continues.

The person who filmed the video claims the NCO forced him to continue his dancing as a punishment for disrespecting the flag.

“Who said stop,?!” the NCO shouted. “Keep going!”

The exhausted junior Marine sluggishly continued the dance.

“This is what we do during colors, right?” the NCO asked rhetorically. “Men and women frickin’ died and you wanna be stupid. Keep going!”

Fortnite is a popular game online multiplayer video game.

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