Man tries to jump a 62-year-old Marine vet, gets choked out

This is what happens when a criminal attacks a highly trained fitness buff, military veteran, and Brazilian Jujitsu practitioner.

Despite repeated attempts to defuse the situation, Mike Lowery found himself confronted with a huge and determined opponent in Arlington, TX.

It was a random altercation that is still not fully understood. Nobody knows what motivated this monster, but he confronted Mike Lowery as he was leaving his hotel room to go to the gym.

Mike offered money and tried to reason with the man. At 5’9″ and 220lbs, Mike is no slouch. He’s as strong as a bull, but he also knows that at 62, fighting can get a man hurt.

And he sees that this other guy towers over him and outweighs him too. He also has no desire to hurt anyone else.

Mike tries to walk away and his assailant follows him. He starts trying to move in on Mike to lay a beating and the fight is on. Mike delivers a right kick to the ribs that is so fast you need to watch on slow motion to catch it. Undeterred, the giant comes at Mike again.

Mike trades punches with the guy and it’s clear that he’s got speed and accuracy working for him.

Mike is starting to think that the guy is unstoppable but another kick with his left foot knocks the wind out of the attacker.

He moves in, seizes control of the arms, hooks a leg and takes the attacker to the ground. Trying to turn on Mike, the guy struggles to get free. Mike maintains control and expertly moves in behind for a rear naked choke.

Mike’s has a lot of power in those arms and the man on the ground now knows he’s bitten off more than he can chew. Within five seconds, restricted blood flow causes the assailant’s brain to shut down and he’s asleep.

Mike doesn’t know immediately that he’s now safe, so he makes sure the guy can’t come after him. He gets up and runs inside to call for help.
Ironically, Mike isn’t just concerned for himself.

He makes sure the police and medical help are dispatched. He also urges the hotel guests to stay away from the danger.

He checks on the man on the ground who is slowly regaining consciousness and the compassion in his voice is simply amazing.

He speaks briefly to the man on the ground and then goes back inside.
Police attended and looked after the assailant, unable to explain what motivated this attack.

They charged him and took him from the scene.

Mike shows incredible restraint and gentleness in the way he handles this man. From the beginning to the end, he showed a human side that is a true inspiration for us all.

Mike served 12 years in the U.S. Marine Corps.

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