Man tries to break into UFC fighter, Special Forces sniper’s home; ends badly for him

Army Green Beret and former MMA fighter Tim Kennedy reportedly repelled a home invader this week, sharing stills from his security cameras with the world.

The mixed-martial-arts fighter took his story to Instagram, telling the tale and sharing photos of a mysterious man wearing a flight jacket.

“A professional criminal attempted to break into our house this week,” Kennedy wrote. “I was watching him on live video at 3:53 AM”

After Kennedy noticed the man try two different doors, he decided he was “done waiting for police response” when the man moved towards the window of the room where his child was sleeping.

Exiting the house, Kennedy can be seen on the security camera as he exits the house, drawing what appears to be an FN pistol.

Commenters who viewed the post seemed impressed with Kennedy’s quick reaction.

“Wrong house, dude,” one user wrote.

Kennedy took the time to explain that simply having a security system and calling police isn’t enough, and that training for use of force in home defense is essential.

“Everything I talk about came into play,” he wrote. “My security system, security doors, entry resistant windows, exterior lighting, landscaping, and most of all training. No help is coming and no help came.”

It is unknown if a police report was filed.

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