Man throws a fit outside JBLM, threatens young MP, demands he relinquish his firearm

A “First Amendment auditor” at Joint Base Lewis-McChord berated a young Soldier performing gate security duties, treating him like a Basic Training-level private, ultimately causing a calamity outside to gate.

The seemingly-paranoid auditor, who goes by “IT’S JUST A CAMERA” (or IJAC, for the sake of brevity), was verbally confrontational with Military Police officers outside of the JBLM Dupont Gate, screaming and acting in an abusive and threatening manner.

“Get back on your base!” IJAC screamed. “This is not on your base! This is not your property.”

Thinking he understood property laws (as many auditors think they do), IJAC refused any and all information offered to him.

“You’re full of s***,” he said, claiming he was attacked by the MP.

Eventually, supervisors were called to the scene and spoke with IJAC.

“One of your Soldiers assaulted me,” IJAC told SSG Hodges. “Physically attacked me.”

“Okay,” Hodges said. “How is that?”

Outraged that Hodges did not have psychic powers and did not know what had happened, IJAC soon began asking what the MPs claimed he did.

Hodges stated that he was not interested in their accounts at the moment and that he was more concerned about what IJAC felt was going on.

“I wasn’t here, I’m asking you what happened,” Hodges said.

When Hodges explained that he was willing to talk about it, IJAC became hostile and began making hypotheticals about taking hostages.

“I could have easily spun him around,” he later said, “And had him at knifepoint.”

IJAC noted he would come back to “audit” the base at a later date.

“This place needs to be re-audited,” IJAC told the camera, claiming he needed to see “if they learned their lesson.”

Hodges requested the video, but IJAC could not produce it fast enough, and offered to email it to him, later admitting that he may not actually do so.

The interaction between IJAC and the MPs wasted over forty minutes of the Military Police’s time.

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