Man tells “Stolen Valor” homeless man to “get the f**k out of my store”

This incident occurred on May 21, 2016 (Armed Forces Day) at a gas station in Katy, Texas.

Everyone can agree that actual “Stolen Valor” -the act of bestowing unearned military honor upon yourself for profit- is one of the most disgusting acts that someone can commit.  Knowingly using the medals that many (hundreds of thousands) have died in service to the great nation of the United States to make money for yourself is enough for you to be in a grave as well.

The problem is that every time someone thinks they witness “Stolen Valor” it may only be their perception of what they think the crime is at the time.  In this instance, this gas station attendant (a combat veteran) may have been sitting at work on Armed Forces Day reflecting on his time in service -possibly about dragging a dying friend off the battlefield- when the homeless man entered his store.

So when the homeless man walks in to the gas station with his sorry excuse for a real uniform, did he really think he was convincing people he is serving or has served?

Yes, it is possible. What is more likely is the combat vet at the gas station was projecting his agitation on this homeless man under the moral protection of “Stolen Valor.”

It is easy to hate, project your own anger and disdain for the outcome of war on others but it won’t bring our friends back.  What is harder is to listen and let your guard down.

War taught us hate as it is a necessary evil to protect our souls in battle. No man ever said, “I love you and I’m sorry” as he plunged a bayonet into the heart of his enemy.

Our time fighting is over -at least for now- and the enemy is not our neighbor.  Is screaming and humiliating a homeless man going to change his life for the better? I guarantee some of the greatest men who laid down their lives for this nation would have taken off their military blouse and given it to a homeless person in a time of need.

If we are truly protecting the honor of the ones we lost on the battlefield, let’s make them proud.

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