Man tells asinine war stories to real veteran in an attempt to get a job

Screenshot from video below.

Imagine writing down about 30 military buzzwords, putting them in a hat, and then telling a story based upon the random words you pull from that hat.  That is the best way to describe a recent encounter between a Army infantry veteran and a man seeking a job from him.

The man, who claims his name in Kyle Brown, begins his recorded interview by saying he went to Army basic training at Fort Benning to become a “grounds” soldier -which does not exist.

The veteran asks, “your MOS was grounds?”

“No, at the time I started at grounds but I worked my way up to E5 and was an MP,” Brown replied.  The veteran quickly counters his statement by asking, “you were an MP and went to basic training at Fort Benning?”

Fort Benning is known as the “Home of the Infantry” because every basic training battalion is for infantry with the exception of two battalions for Armor/Cavalry.

The veteran, who knows that military police (MP) are not trained at Fort Benning, continues his questioning.

He asks, “What MOS is an MP?”

Looking dumbfounded, Brown takes a long pause and simply shakes his head to say no.

“Like I said, I have a lot of personal problems as well man. Nothing that would affect me from working…I have a lot of Post-traumatic stress disorders,” he says.

At this point, the veteran becomes convinced that Brown is lying about serving in the Army.  It is hard not to find the hilarity in the situation as Brown’s game of buzzword bingo ensues….


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