Man on street tells disabled veteran he is “going to hell”

A giant disabled veteran in coastal California went from gruff to god-fearing in less than five minutes, thanks to a New Zealand-born evangelist.

Standing about six feet and four inches tall, Jesse -who was an admitted smoker- bore tattoos, a gruff exterior and a “this is my drinking shirt” shirt as he walked up to evangelist Ray Comfort of the Living Waters ministry organization.

When asked why he smoked, Jesse simply answered “I’m a veteran!.”

When offered $5 to participate with Comfort, the imposing veteran answered a series of questions about whether or not he thought he was a good man. During the interrogation, he admitted to lying, stealing, adultery and other sins.

Ultimately, Comfort managed to break Jesse down, with the combat-wounded retired veteran claiming that he would repent for his sins “five minutes’ after he stepped away from the crowd.

Comfort -who was much shorter than Jesse- then gave Jesse his promised $5 and literature before sending him on his way.

Born in 1949, Comfort has been on the evangelism circuit for some time, and was even responsible for convincing actor Kirk Cameron to take up the profession.

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