Man went to prison for making videos with soldier’s girlfriend while he was in boot camp

Selena Green Vargas of Rochester, NY, is infamous for making at least two adult films while she was dating a U.S. Army soldier in 2014.

“He went away to the army and his girlfriend ended up doing an adult film for the money of course. He came back and found out and they broke up,” said a friend of his who played hockey with him in New York.

“I suppose they were still on good terms because when he went away for a second time he lent her his car,” he said. “During this time she also did a second porn.”

A photo of the couple went viral after somebody claiming to be the soldier posted it to 4chan -an image board website where users generally post anonymously.

It did not take long for 4chan users to identify the girl as an adult film actress.  The users would have likely found her no matter what, but it was easier for them as she did not use a stage name and wore the same clothes to her boyfriend’s graduation as she wore in her films.

While it is not uncommon for infidelity to occur while soldiers are away, this story is unique because of the power of social media and the internet keeping the story of her infidelity alive forever.

Vargas’s film was produced by a now-defunct company but the video still exists on the internet despite her allegedly being told by an employer it was necessary for her to have them removed.

The owners of the website were found guilty of intimidating and coercing 22 women into having sex on camera in 2019. Ruben Andre Garcia and “the other producers bullied the women and lied about how widely they’d distribute the videos,” Vice News reported.

Garcia, who was the male performer in the majority of the videos, was sentenced to 20 years in prison by a federal court in California in June of 2021.

The producers told the women that the videos would only be distributed abroad and to private collectors, but appeared on their adult film website. The videos also reached millions of viewers after being uploaded and eventually being mirrored on other adult sites.

According to Vice, the women were doxed on the sites and it led to the women being harassed at their jobs and schools.

Vargas apparently tried to have the videos removed after her employer, Toddler’s Workshop, in Webster, NY, told her to have them taken down.

“Multiple women said the harassment was so vicious, they’ve contemplated suicide.”

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