Man sentenced to life in Navy commander’s murder

A man who murdered a US Navy Commander in Florida in a hotel room two years ago has been sentenced to life in prison plus thirty years.

On Tuesday, 31-year-old Anthony Washington was convicted of the crime of first-degree felony murder and burglary with assault or battery for murdering Navy Commander Alphonso Doss in an Orange Park hotel room two years ago.

Circuit Judge John Skinner sentenced Washington to life on the first-degree murder charge, adding insult to injury with an additional 30 years for the second charge.

Washington strangled Doss in February 2014 while at the Astoria hotel.

“It means a lot because CDR Doss deserved this. He served our country honorably and he should not have been murdered the way he was. He should not have died and be left like an animal in that motel room,” Assistant State Attorney Bernie de la Rionda said after Washington received the “guilty” verdict.

Doss’ parents -Tom and Carolyn Allen- are relieved to have closure in the incident which stripped them of their son.

“I’m very happy. We came to see justice done for our son and we got that. And I think that Bernie de la Rionda, all the people with the county, did a great job, and we’re very happy,” Tom Allen said.

Doss’ estranged wife, Yolinda, and another man -Ronnie Wilson II- are also accused in the murder of Doss and are awaiting trial.

According to News4Jax, while Doss’ parents feel bad for Washington’s family, they say that nothing will bring their own son back.

“His death was devastating to us. So we’re pleased at the way the trial was handled and the case was handled by the detectives, and we can move on from here,” Tom Allen said.

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