Man secretly records veteran talking about adult toy experience in combat

A conversation between two people -one of whom who thought it was private- about a private experience has shed light on some of the depravity that exists in combat zones.

The man, identified as Issac Alegre, filming -at what appears to be Spencer’s Gifts- was approached by the veteran while he was in the adult toy section of the store.

“Careful, it gets passed around,” the veteran says.

Not sure what product the veteran is referring to, Alegre asks for more clarity.

“Oh, I thought you were talking about this,” the veteran says as he points to a gelatinous looking product intended to mimic the feel of a woman’s insides.

“Oh yea..yea..yea, I was talking about that,”  Alegre says.

“Man I was deployed,” the veteran says. “I was on a forward operating base, you know where you basically sleep in a ditch for six months.”

The veteran went on to explain he had to keep his adult toy locked up to avoid finding other servicemembers bodily fluids on it when he returned to his “ditch.”

Alegre, confused by the veteran’s response, asks if other servicemembers are aroused by using each other’s toys.

“No, it’s just -dude- you’re deployed in combat and you’ve been in this F-ing dirty hole for six months,” he replies.

In a clear attempt to humiliate the veteran (whom he was already recording without his knowledge), Alegre asks if he [expletive] the guys out there.

At this point, the veteran left the conversation as there are somethings civilians will not understand and are better off not knowing.

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