Man screams in pain as Antifa “medics” put a tourniquet on non-bleeding wound from a rubber bullet

A group of Antifa “medics” made a bad situation worse by applying a tourniquet to a flesh wound inflicted by one of their members- and it may cost him.

The so-called medics are volunteers who assist the far-left organization during protests, tending to their injured and treating them for everything from gunshot wounds to OC spray in the eyes.

Their medical expertise, however, varies greatly.

After reportedly being shot with a rubber riot round, one Antifa member fell and began screaming for medical attention.

Despite not having an injury that warranted a tourniquet, the “medics” roughly applied one, cutting off blood flow to a wound that was barely bleeding.

The wounded Antifa member was screaming hysterically, and had to be held down by several of his “comrades.”

“I don’t want to lose my leg!” he cried, wailing so loudly it distorted the sound from the microphone.

“We just don’t want you to bleed,” one woman said, ratcheting down on the tourniquet.

The camera was eventually moved from the view of the wounded man.

Funnily enough, Facebook spoof artist Arizona Antifa made a joke about applying tourniquets years prior to the recent riots, putting it around his neck and tightening until he “passed out.”

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