Man plays stupid games at recruiting center, wins stupid prize

A Washington “free-speech auditor” was arrested after harassing military recruiters earlier this year- and the video only recently been posted to the internet.

YouTuber “NewsNowSeattle” (NNS) was reportedly arrested on July 5 and charged with trespassing after he harassed Army and Navy recruiters at an Everett Armed Forces Recruiting Center.

In the video, NNS began an “audit” of the recruiting center, promoting an Army recruiter to start filming him.

When the auditor (ironically) asked why he was being filmed, the Soldier told him that he was simply documenting suspicious behavior.

What was to follow involved a “whack-a-mole” type situation, with Navy and Army recruiters continuously popping their heads out of their respective officers, occasionally snapping photos of the NNS cameraman.

“Little chicken peek from the Navy,” the cameraman said as one Sailor looked out the door to see if he was still there.

While the recruiting center is located in a strip mall, signs in the area indicate that individuals not welcome by the tenants and/or not conducting business or commerce are effectively trespassing.

Eventually, the Everett Police arrive at the scene, and the NNS cameraman quickly becomes agitated and defensive.

“They [the recruiters] lock the doors,” the auditor mocked. “Brave.”

The auditor was approached by police, who politely informed him that he was trespassing and that he had to leave if he did not want to be arrested.

“You were asked to leave,” one officer can be heard saying, “We’ll give you a chance to leave.”

The auditor attempts to pursue a technicality, claiming he will visit the other tenants. During his walk towards a pet shop, he begins filming the license plates of police vehicles.

During an exchange with an officer who asked him to remove his sunglasses, the owner of the pet supply shop can be heard saying he’s okay with ejecting the cameraman from the property.

“I’ll move along,” the cameraman said, referring to the police as “fu**ing thugs.”

However, temptation proves too much for the auditor, and he returns to the recruiting station to get names and badge numbers.

“You’re now under arrest because you came back to the property when you were told to leave,” one officer says, taking the cameraman into custody.

The video was posted on Monday, and has over 12,094 views.

In the aftermath of the video’s publishing, irate auditors began posting the recruiting center’s phone number and leaving one-star reviews on their Facebook page.

Popular Military investigators reached out to the Everett Army Recruiting Center, who verified receipt of inquiry but did not respond to comment.

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