Man opens 117-year-old military ration, eats the century old beef inside of it

In a world where some claw their way to the top for a taste of caviar and filet mignon, some guys just wanna eat rations that are hundreds of years old.

At least, that’s the case for Steve, who regularly cracks open rations from other countries and -when he can find them- other eras.

On Monday, Steve opened up a can of British “emergency rations” from the Second Boer Conflict, which lasted from 1899 to 1902- which included meat that was nearly 120 years old.

Now, this isn’t the oldest thing he’s eaten (that award goes to hardtack crackers from the American Civil War), but it is certainly one of the riskiest, because it’s meat.

Unfazed by the challenge ahead of him, Steve added hot water, put it on a “rock or something” and got down to business.

Needless to say, the unseasoned meat -that was old enough to vote over a century ago- didn’t smell or taste particularly good.

“My heart is pounding,” he said as he prepared to eat the concoction.

After a moment of trepidation, Steve have it the “old college try” and gulped down a few bites before calling it quits.

For that Steve, we salute you. For you have shown us that tasting history is only slightly more realistic than reliving it.

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