Man known for trolling military bases shot by PT-belt-wearing guard on live video

Notorious troll and YouTube First Amendment “auditor” FurryPotato was injured by a ricochet on Thursday after an armed security guard fired a “warning shot” outside of a Los Angeles synagogue and school for young girls.

The shooting took place at the Etz Jacob Congregation and Ohel Chana High School, after security guard Edduin Zelayagrunfield injured “auditor” Zhoie “FurryPotato” Perez, who was filming the area.

Perez has drawn the attention of the guard after reports were made that the transgender auditor was filming the school portion of the synagogue, with camera rolling as children moved to and from classes.

“As a school that educates minors- their safety and security is a top priority for us. We have called 911 and the threats hotline multiple times,” Yehudis Farkash told ABC7.

A witness to the shooting reported that Perez was antagonizing the security guard.

“They were just like at the doorway videotaping the synagogue and all the young girls that are coming in and going, coming in and leaving. It was just strange,” the witness said

On edge from the other side of the synagogue gates, the guard repeatedly drew his sidearm, shuffling about at Perez repeatedly closed distance before backing away.

Suddenly, an alleged “warning shot” rang out (which is not a legal procedure in Los Angeles), and a round reportedly struck the pavement, the resulting spall striking Perez in the leg.

Perez verbally complained for some time before stumbling out onto the sidewalk, where bystanders attempted to understand the bizarre situation.

Upon arrival, the LAPD cuffed Perez until medical units could arrive, and took the security guard into custody.

Zelayagrunfeld has since been arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

Perez is known to push the buttons of military, police and security personnel, having previously harassed military installations, industrial sites and even recruiting centers. In one instance, Perez was arrested for making terroristic threats at a Marine recruiting station.

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