Man creates a model A-10 warthog that “Brrrt’s” Nerf balls on strafing runs

An RC plane hobbyist has found a way to incorporate two of every red-blooded American 10-year-old’s favorite things: the A-10 Thunderbolt II and Nerf guns.

According to the creator of the plane and video said that the concoction was a bit of a passion project.

“My latest build combines two hobbies, R/C planes and Nerf,” he said. “I’ve incorporated a stripped down Nerf Rival Zeus blaster into the nose of an old FreeWing A-10. The blaster is controlled from the same transmitter used to fly the plane, and allows me to launch 12 safe/soft foam balls in less than half a second.”

The RC ‘hog even makes a “brrrrrt” sound similar to the GAU-8 Gatling gun, albeit much quieter and more foamy.

The creator said that the aircraft requires a certain speed and flight pattern in order to accurately deliver the payload to its intended target, otherwise the aircraft will fly past the Nerf Balls. The A-10 can also fire Nerf darts with great accuracy and speed, although magazine capacity is limited.

“Strafing runs were remarkably effective on some cardboard T-72 tanks, and putting on a pair of goggles to get the first person view is amazing,” he said. “Also, yes, I picked up all the balls on the field and somehow managed to not lose any.”

The real life A-10 is known for its GAU-8 30mm cannon, which fires milk bottle-sized depleted uranium shells. Originally designed for armor in the 1970s, the GAU-8 is still incredibly effective against light targets, buildings, helicopters, personnel and can still disable a tank if it hits in the right spots.

Beloved by ground troops and the American public, the A-10 is not a fan favorite of the USAF brass, who have repeatedly tried to kill it since the 1980s- only for the Close Air Support-minded aircraft to show its worth in combat, time and time again.

Produced from 1972-1984, there has not been a new A-10 for well over thirty years, although modernization efforts may keep the aircraft flying until for some time to come.

While he isn’t going to sell copies of his Nerfhog, he says he is more than willing to share how he constructed it so that others may follow his lead.

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  • Andy Wolf

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