Man busted flaunting cash online after stealing 100k diamond in an Army uniform

Arquae Daveon Kennedy (Bellevue Police Department)

Word of advice to would-be jewel robbers out there: If you’re going to steal a $100,000 marquise diamond, you probably shouldn’t post videos of yourself flashing cash on social media.

Such is the downfall of a 26-year-old Washington man who walked into a jewelry store dressed as a US Army staff sergeant in February, claiming he wanted to get his fiancee a ring before his outfit deployed.

Arquae Daveon Kennedy was charged with second-degree robbery on Monday, nearly two months he took part in the Bellevue jewelry store heist.

Arquae Daveon Kennedy

During his “time in uniform,” Kennedy told the jeweler that he was looking for a 3-5-carat diamond. When the clerk showed him a 5.54 carat marquise diamond, Kennedy grabbed it and took off like a flash.

“The store manager chased after the suspect, who got into a vehicle that was being driven by an accomplice. The store manager grabbed onto the suspect’s uniform as he was getting into the getaway vehicle,” Bellevue Police Detectives told Q13 Fox. “The manager was dragged down the street by the vehicle a short distance, and then the suspect punched the manager in the face, causing him to fall. The manager suffered non life-threatening injuries, and suspect fled the scene in the vehicle.”

After a forensics team gathered fingerprints at the scene, Kennedy -who never served- was quickly apprehended. A subsequent search of social media revealed a video of him on Facebook, flashing a thick stack of $100 bills.

The female driver and the diamond are still at large.

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