Man blows through gate at Fort Sill, leads police on chase through base neighborhoods

A civilian makes a wrong turn into the front gate at Oklahoma’s Fort Sill- and hilarity ensues, eventually becoming a police chase through the installation.

The car chase was captured on camera by post residents, as the driver zipped through residential areas with a squad of police cruisers close on his tail.

While many residents believed the chase to be the result of something being stolen, Fort Sill Public Affairs Officer,  Keith Pannell told Popular Military that simply wasn’t the case.

“The rumor of something being stolen is false,” said Pannell.

According to him, the “working theory” is that a civilian driver made a wrong turn down a cross-town roadway, which ultimately led him to an entry gate outside of the installation. Not realizing he could turn around, the driver became spooked when guards asked for his pass and plowed through the entry point, resulting in a police chase.

“It’s still under investigation,” Pannell added.

Known as the “Fires Center of Excellence” Fort Sill is a rather large installation, which is home to artillery training units, basic training units and is the birthplace of US combat aviation. It has played a role in every American conflict since 1869, and covers over 94,000 acres.

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