Man berates National Guard in Minneapolis, assaults a bystander trying to stop him

Screenshots from video below

As National Guardsmen take fire while politicians continue to incite violence in Minnesota, some Guardsmen are finding themselves being harassed on the streets.

A video, posted to twitter by Alpha News, shows several Guardsmen standing watch near a pedestrian crossing in Minneapolis when they are suddenly approached by an angry and disheveled man.

Screenshots from video below

The man, who repeatedly referred to the citizen soldiers as “motherf***ers,” got uncomfortably close to the uniformed men, who were standing about with unloaded M4 carbines and mismatched equipment.

“Do you know who I am?!” the man shouted.

Suddenly, a man out of frame raised his voice to intervene when the agitator began to threaten the troops.

“You wanna try it?” a man said off-camera. “They [the Soldiers] can’t do nothin’ to you, but I can.”

“Shaddap!” the agitator responded.

“I can do something,” replied the man, who was wearing a light-colored hoodie.

The agitator then began shoving his finger into each Soldier’s face, repeatedly shouting “Fu** you.”

“Leave them the f*** alone,” the man in the hoodie said firmly.

“I’ll beat your a**,” the agitator responded.

“Then try me,” the man in the hoodie responded.

The man in the hoodie then outstretched his arms.

“It’s types like you that keep f***ing things up,” he told the agitator.

“Oh?” the agitator responded, shoving through the National Guardsmen with a “part the seas”-style gesture.

Eventually, the Guardsmen stepped after it became clear the agitator an man in the hoodie were about to fight.

While one Soldier attempted to mediate, a third civilian crossed the street, pulling the agitator away right as he touched the Soldier’s M4.

“Hey!” he shouted, “Ain’t no need for none of that s***.”

The Guardsmen, acting passively (likely under orders), appeared powerless to do much more than act as a physical buffer.

The video, which was posted on Saturday evening, has nearly 318,000 views.

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