Man believed to be fake soldier is actually a Texas police officer

A photo of a bearded US Army Private First Class that has raised cries of “stolen valor” is very stolen-but very real.

A Facebook post portraying a “Lloyd Simuchimba” has made its rounds as he posed a photo of himself- a bearded US Army PFC- in his dress uniform.

While many are crying “stolen valor,” the real victim is the person in the photo, a US Army veteran-turned Texas lawman who had a permanent no-shave profile while in service.

He was not made aware that his photo was being used until a post made by the fake profile went viral in the military/veteran community on social media.

Simuchimba post

Dallas Independent School District Police Officer Manny Murillo is a former US Army Military Policeman who was issued a no-shave profile in Korea, after a fight with a local national left his face covered in keloid scarring.

Manny Murrilo MP

“I was stationed in Korea in the 142nd MP Company,” Murillo said. “During that time -I don’t remember the extract time- I was in “the ville” and a fight between a buddy and Korean national broke out.

The fight was allegedly over the Korean man’s dislike of American troops hitting on Korean women. When it became apparent that violence would break out, Murillo stepped in.

“I stepped in between and caught a beer bottle to the face. The injuries left me with keloid scars that prevented me from shaving.”

Manny Murrilo MP 2

Now a lawman, Murillo was shocked to see his likeness used by a (clearly foreign) individual to pick up women on a social media dating page.


When he asked Facebook to remove it, they asked him to prove his identity. When he complied, he was blocked for several days before Facebook finally said they would not take the photo down.

“I am angry and frustrated that FB refused to delete the profile. He is using my photos to try and pick up woman it’s pathetic,” Murillo said.

As for his appearance in Class A’s, Murillo doesn’t really care- he has a DD-214.

“I don’t really care about the comments on my appearance,” he said. “I had a shaving profile and my [uniform] may have been a bit off on my class A but I was a PFC at the time.”

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