Man arrested outside Fort Campbell with loaded gun and multiple magazines

A “free speech auditor” attempted to film the inside of a military installation along the Kentucky-Tennessee border earlier this month, only to find himself being detained by the United States Army Military Police.

Clad in hunting camo and an orange vest, the YouTube free speech auditor -who goes by the name “Constitutional Hero”, AKA “CH”- walked up to Fort Campbell Gate 1 in August while armed with several cameras, a Bersa Thunder .380 ACP and four extra magazines.

For those that haven’t been to Fort Campbell, foot traffic is incredibly rare in this area (some areas don’t even have sidewalks), causing many motorists leaving post to inquire as to what CH was doing there.

Eventually, CH was approached by two young Military Policemen, who informed him that he cannot be filming inside of the installation, regardless of whether or not he was standing. CH assured them that the spot in which he was standing was public property, citing the 2010 Department of Homeland Security memo on public photography.

“You’re kinda scaring everybody,” one MP said.

When contacted by Popular Military, the MP station on post confirmed that the grassy area outside of the post’s walls is considered to be federal property, despite not being within the confines of the walls. In addition, barriers preventing installation entry can be placed out as far as where the entrance intersects the public roadway.

Believing himself to be on public property, CH continued to film, eventually causing more Military Police to show up. While he attempted to get them to discuss political matters, the MPs would not indulge CH, with one soldier claiming he simply wasn’t interested in the matter.

Finally, unit supervisors showed up and detained CH, pulling magazines from his pants pockets and boot after disarming him. While he was cuffed, CH would later claim that he was injured by the MPs, who allegedly forced him to bend in unnatural ways and cuffed him too tightly.

“I am being arrested right now,” CH told his viewers.

“Under the current jurisdiction, you’re on a Federal installation,” a female MP supervisor -identified as Staff Sergeant Kent- told him.

“No, I’m not,” CH responded.

“Yes you are,” she said.

Relinquishing him of his sidearm, MPs reported that the Bersa was not on “safe,” though being Double/Single action in nature, a safety is not needed unless the hammer is pulled to the rear. It was released to a Military Police Investigator (MPI).

CH claims his father was a veteran of the 5th Special Forces Group, which is a unit native to Fort Campbell.  Shortly after being released by the MPs for trespassing-related charges, his firearms and personal effects were returned.

The “auditor” is now pursuing legal action against the installation.

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