Man arrested for impersonating soldier after threatening to bomb Walmart while in uniform

Keyon Pullins (EBRSO)

A Louisiana man impersonating a US Army soldier threatened to bomb a Walmart after he was caught stealing liquor and ammunition.

The incident unfolded Monday in East Baton Rouge Parish when 23-year-old Keyon Pullins entered the store in military uniform, grabbing six bottles of vodka, five bottles of Canadian whisky and eight boxes of 12 gauge shotgun shells.

A police report states that when confronted by Walmart employees, Pullins tried to use his unearned uniform to weasel out of his predicament.

“[Pullins] requested that the managers let him go, due to him being in full military uniform,” states the report. “The managers stated that they would not do so, so [Pullins] attempts to leave. When he did so, managers grabbed him by the back of his uniform and pulled him back into the store…[Pullins] began to scream and cuss at the managers stating that he was in the military and ‘to just let him go about his business.'”

When taken into an office for questioning by the managers, the valor thief’s demeanor took a more aggressive turn.

“Once inside the…office, [Pullins] begins to threaten the managers and workers by saying the following, ‘I will get a bomb from ISIS and blow this place up,'” states the report. “Managers stated that they began to get nervous due to the accused being in full military uniform.”

When deputies of the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to the scene, it was discovered that Pullins was trying to get into the military but had never actually served. The uniform, he said, had reportedly been given to him by a “ranking supervisor who told [Pullins] not to wear it.”

This is not Pullins’ first crime against the retail super chain- he has previously been banned from all Walmart locations for stealing over $563.93 in merchandise from another location last year.

According to WBRZ, Pullins was arrested for theft of goods over $500, terrorizing, impersonation of a veteran and simple burglary before being booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison.

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