Man accused of Stolen Valor “stockpiling weapons” in case of retaliation from veterans

Jason Blaha (YouTube)

YouTube fitness advisor and supposed deep-cover CIA operative Jason Blaha (aka Jason Bluha) is reportedly stockpiling weapons and ammunition after claiming to have been threatened by veterans on the internet in response to his claims of service.

Jason Blaha, most known for being a Fitness guru on YouTube, has allegedly gone to the Houston FBI Cybercrime department following threats from internet “trolls”, who released private contact information concerning himself and those close to him. In addition, they reportedly have made threats to “test Jason’s tactical skills,” allegedly planning to ambush him as he leaves the gym.

According to a message forwarded to Popular Military, that was written by someone (whose name has been withheld) close to Blaha, the YouTube figure has “been building battle rifles and handloading again” and warned a Popular Military writer on his personal Facebook page that there is a “slight chance that Jason himself might completely come unglued and do something he perceives will keep his family and loved ones safe.” The message continued to say Blaha has been back in the US for “only a year” and has “purchased a small arsenal” of rifles and “enhanced plate carriers.”

The threatening message comes on the heels of a previously-written “Stolen Valor” video article published by Popular Military, which spotlighted Blaha making claims of being a CIA mercenary-hitman before telling veterans to “go f*** yourself” and to “come get me” after he was called out. Blaha also claimed that his NICS background checks come back faster than normal people because he “has a file at the FBI.”

After informing this publication -through dozens of phone calls to various departments within the company- that he was receiving death threats on his life, Popular Military pulled the article and closed the matter.

According to the message we received, people “published private contact details and addresses of his 18 year old niece, his girlfriend’s parents house and his address.”  The author of the message went on to claim that Blaha’s father was a “Green Beret” who served in Vietnam and is “not too happy about the attention on Jason and its effect on his granddaughter.”

On June 19th, Blaha took to YouTube again (receiving over 17k views), claiming that the published piece was a “smear article” that was “sponsored and paid for” by an individual, allegedly costing anywhere between $5,500-8,000.

For the record, Popular Military is not -nor has it ever been- in the business of writing sponsored “smear articles” and simply found the curious case of Jason Blaha after searching for “stolen valor” material. While it is true we will write “sponsored content” for products or services, writing smear articles is not a service currently provided.

In light of a what appears to be a threat made against one of our writers (and possibly the staff as a whole at Popular Military), the received message was submitted to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the ATF for further investigation.

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