Man accused of murdering Army vet found with guns, drugs and a kidnapped man

The man accused of murdering the US Army veteran son of a British millionaire in California has been captured- and he was found with drugs and possibly one of the most ghetto, bargain-bin arsenals in recent memory.

Antonio Silva found himself surrendering to police after they raided his Santa Ana home, the raid being connected to the gangland-style muder of Iraq War veteran Adrian Bonar.

While inside of the home, SWAT members found a man “’being held against his will,” and likely saved the man’s life.

In addition to finding a hostage of sorts, police also found four pounds of fentanyl, a Hi-Point Pistol-Caliber Carbine sporting a hilariously large scope, a .22LR AR-style pistol and two vintage revolvers, one completely devoid of grips.

Bonar had been murdered, having been mummy-wrapped with a tarp and duct-tape before his corpse was stuffed into the trunk of a car.

According to the Daily Mail, Bonar’s father stated that his son had become involved in crime after the war, and was likely influenced by his time abroad.

No saint by any means, the veteran had served prison time on drugs and weapons charges, including a year’s sentence for carrying methamphetamine while armed. He had a penchant for carrying firearms when he was prohibited from doing so.

Despite urgings from his father, Brian Bonar, to set his life right, Bonar continued to play on the wild side- and paid the ultimate price.

Bonar’s casket was draped with the Stars and Stripes, and his family feel that the war-and the after-effects that come with experiencing it- were his ultimate undoing.

“I don’t think he wanted to leave the Army, said his brother, Cannon Bonar. “When he got out he really struggled, not just with the PTSD but no longer being in such a structured environment. And then he struggled with the PTSD too.”

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