Local news reports government to announce presence of aliens, military will no longer deny

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Many ask the question “Are we alone in the universe?”

Members of the Space Coast UFO Group in Florida believe we aren’t and that we’ve known about the presence of visitors from another world for a long time, according to a report by WOFL.

John Gagnon, a leading member of the group, showed WOFL a video of an unsolved UFO case featuring red orbiting lights on the coast of Brevard County in 1990.

Officials claimed it was a visiting unit from the Patrick Air Force Base, but no confirmation from the reported base could be made.

The group also has been interested in recent UFO activity observed by U.S. Navy pilots who reported seeing strange objects in the sky moving at high speeds.

Officials have been unable to identify what the objects were.

Gagnon told WOFL he believes the government is preparing the population for the announcement of aliens.

Gagnon told the TV station that the government has probably known about aliens for a long time, and pointed to photos in NASA’s archives showing what appears to buildings on the surface of the moon.

A Gallup poll shows that 68 percent of Americans agrees with Gagnon’s beliefs, and believe the government knows something about UFOs that they have yet to reveal.


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