Liquid body armor stops bullets

Polish scientists, from the Moratex Institute of Security Technology are developing a that hardens on impact, protecting the body from a wide range of bullets.

The liquid, once converted into a fluid, is placed in special pouches that are worn within vests to protect the body while also allowing for a good range of movement.

When the clothing is hit by a bullet, the liquid absorbs the impact and prevents any major damage to organs.

One of the project coordinators, Karolina Olszewska explained how it works.

“This liquid is different from others in that its viscosity changes with the increase in applied force. This viscosity rises thanks to the particles in the liquid structure; therefore they form a barrier against an external penetrating factor.”

For the moment, according to lab tests, this body armor can resist projectiles travelling at speeds of around 900 meters per second.

According to researchers, this technology has many applications other than bullet proof body armour.

It can also be used for protective inserts in sportswear or even to build entire outfits. Another use could be in car bumpers or road barriers.


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