Lieutenant complains about quality of food in Iraq, hometown Chick-fil-A steps up

Texas National Guard 1st Lieutenant Jessie Guajardo (right) holding a package sent from the Chick-Fil-A restaurant in his Texas home town. (Facebook)

The “nice guys” of the fast food industry -better known as southern chicken chain Chick-fil-A- have once again raised the bar in customer satisfaction- this time in Iraq.

It all began when Texas National Guard 1st Lieutenant Jessie Guajardo wrote a Facebook message to the Chick-fil-A in his hometown of Flower Mound, expressing concern over a not-so-tasty problem- the chicken tenders being served while on deployment were bland, overcooked and needed a little bit of zing.

“I am currently deployed in Iraq where the food can become unappetizing very quickly… a couple of fellow Soldiers and I were thinking of how we could make the chicken more edible,” Guarjardo wrote.

While a bottle of sauce seemed to be a solution, Guajardo and his troops did not have refrigeration capabilities and could not use an entire bottle of sauce before it went bad.

The solution, Guajardo surmised, would involve the tasty little individual packets of Chick-fil-A signature and barbeque sauces, which could allow individual troops to flavor their bland meals and have a little taste of home, respectively.

Forgetting the matter after receiving no response, the lieutenant -who belongs to the Texas National Guard’s 2/149 Aviation unit- was surprised to receive boxes of Chick-fil-A sauces, all in individual packets.

“I actually wasn’t expecting anything since I hadn’t heard back from my original Facebook message,” Guajardo told Dallas News affiliate GuideLive. “It was definitely an unexpected surprise.”

For the lieutenant and his rear-echelon guardsmen, it was a delicious improvement to Forward Operating Base life.

“The food became much more tolerable,” the young officer added.

Michele Hodapp, marketing director at Chick-fil-A Founders Square, said that after receiving Guajardo’s request, “We did not hesitate to fulfill it and immediately sent cases of barbecue and Chick-fil-A sauce. the opportunity to provide some sense of home to someone from our community and our troops is very rewarding.”

For Guajardo, it only solidified his love of the chicken chain.

“I would definitely say more people are gonna visit when they get back,” Guajardo said. “People tend to remember all the good things when they are over here, and I’m sure they won’t forget when back in the States.”

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