Lewd photos of female service members are still being shared through Dropbox

The military is investigating another incident of nude photos of females service members being shared through social media.

Another investigation into an incident of lewd photographs of female service members being distributed online has been launched by the military.

Last week, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service was called to investigate a Dropbox folder called “Hoes Hoin’,” which contained 267 images of female service members.

Marine Corps officials were prompted to take action after the folder’s presence was made public by a Vice News report.

“Some of the photos are selfies, others are clearly taken by another person,” the Vice report said. “Some show women performing sexual acts. A few are of service members fully clothed, in apparent attempt to shame or discredit them.”

“Finally, some photos are crude collages showing a fully clothed service member in uniform on one side and a nude photo of the same woman on the other,” the report added.

Vice claims the link to the Dropbox folder surfaced two weeks ago when someone shared it in a Facebook group called “Blame Marines United (Non-Butthurt Edition).”

“Several administrators for the group were administrators for the original Marines United group, three people familiar with the groups’ operations said,” Vice reported.

The group was shut down last week after a Marine Corps veteran and co-founder of a Marine veterans advocacy group reported the group’s activity. In December, in the wake of the Marines United scandal, Congress made the nonconsensual sharing of nude photos a criminal offense in the military.

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