Legendary Marine Corps sniper with the highest body count passes away

A Vietnam veteran known for his sniping prowess during his heyday passed away earlier this week, sources report.

Chuck Mawhinney, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, and master of the Remington 700 bolt-action rifle, was a humble man.

He rarely spoke of his exploits with any sense of pride, often steering the conversation towards the exploits of his comrades, who he felt deserved more recognition.

However, Mawhinney hid a secret out in the open— he had the highest kill count of any Marine Sniper in the Vietnam War, tallying 103 of the North Vietnamese and their allies before heading home for good.

“Chuck was one in a million,” said Jim Lindsay, the man who finally convinced Mawhinney to allow him to write his biography.

The 256-page book — “The Sniper: The Untold Story of the Marine Corps’ Greatest Marksman of All Time” — was released almost a year ago, with Mawhinney even signing a few copies before his death at the age of 75.

Mawhinney never wanted his story to be told, which had already been mentioned at length in the 1991 memoirs of his former spotter, Joseph T. Ward.

In the end, however, Mawhinney decided there was a reason to recount his tale.

“It’s an opportunity for me to get some recognition for a lot of the Vietnam vets that didn’t receive any recognition,” he said. “We were all there together. If I have to take recognition for it that’s OK, because every time I talk to someone, I can talk about the vets. It gives me an opportunity to talk about what a great job they did.”

According to the Baker City Herald, Mawhinney was a lifelong California native.

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