Leaked video suggests Lebanese terrorists are committing mass executions in Iraq

(Warning: Video contains extremely graphic violence)

A video has been released showing Iraqi Shia militants violently questioning bloodied men before executing them.

The video was reportedly released by Iraqi forces and depicts two men being executed next to a pile of what are alleged to be Islamic State fighters.

An unaffiliated Iraqi source providing analysis for Popular Military stated that the men shooting the video were members of a Shia militia unit known as the “Katayib Alfath Almubin” (كتائب الفتح المبين) or” Iraqi Resistance Conquest Brigade”, also denoted by several green armbands in the video.

Claiming the pile of bodies was that of ISIS members, one of the militia members continued to shoot the bodies, prompting some of the other militiamen to stop him.

Shortly afterwards, two suspects are brought before the militia, with the militia informing them that they were the from the Resistance Conquest Brigade and that they wanted to kill ISIS.

The militia asked the two men where ISIS was and why they were still in the area. The suspects replied that they hate ISIS but are locals that could not flee the area. According to our source, the speech and mannerisms of the suspects are that of Sunni people, likely in Tikrit.

Unsatisfied with the answer, the militiamen continue to question them.

“Where are the weapons? Are they in your car?”, one militiaman asks.

The older suspect replies that they have don’t have weapons and that their car is within view.

Unconvinced, the militiamen execute the suspects, spraying the bodies with machine gun fire.

After the shooting, some militiamen are heard laughing, while others were arguing about the cameraman filming the event. Multiple times, the cameraman refuses multiple requests from other militiamen to stop filming.

One militiaman asks another if he belongs/belonged to Hezbollah, to which he replied yes and that he reported to “Abu Liqaa”.  In the end, the cameraman’s phone is taken away,

While it is not confirmed when the video was taken, it does depict Iraqis of a militia committing war crimes and potentially working with current (or former) assets from Hezbollah -the Lebanese-based Shia militant group and political party who also opposes ISIS.

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