Leaked video shows VA employees spending half day playing games

A video has been leaked that shows over a dozen Veterans Affairs employees at the Tomah, Wisconsin VA spending half the day playing games.

The Tomah VA has been under much scrutiny after a VA inspector general investigation found that veterans were 2.5 more likely to be prescribed higher doses of opiates than the national average.

In addition to the overprescribing of drugs the investigation found they were being prescribed in dangerous combinations.  They also found what was considered “unsafe” clinical practices that led to patients being harmed.

The investigation resulted in the director, a doctor, a nurse practitioner and another employee being fired.  Despite the findings of the investigation and the public scrutiny the facility thought it was necessary to spend half of a day dressing up for Halloween and playing games at taxpayer’s expense.

Leah Finch, the Tomah VA’s Integrated Ethics Program Champion (IEPO) is listed as the “Halloween CREW Carnival” coordinator.  We are not sure if her event that consisted of playing a human version of “Hungry, Hungry Hippos” discussed if killing veterans with lethal doses of drugs was ethical or not.  Ironically she was quoted in 2014 as saying “My proudest accomplishment was finding strong, dedicated personnel to take on the roles of preventive ethics coordinator and ethics consultations coordinator.”

Leah Finch

According to last year’s interview her second biggest challenge was “motivating and empowering all staff to speak up about ethical concerns in timely, efficient, and accurate way.”

She even implemented online tool called “Speak up” that allows staff to anonymously report ethical concerns.  It is not known if any employees used this tool to spark the investigation this year.

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