Leaked memo shows military plans to ban COVID-19 survivors from joining

Those who become infected with and survive the coronavirus may ultimately be defeated in the end, at least if their future plans involve enlistment in the military, that is.

The United States Military Entrance Processing Command, which screens and processes applicants into the United States Armed Forces, released a memo stating that individuals who tested positive for coronavirus are barred from entering the US Armed Forces.

The memo was leaked by Nathanel Free, a Twitter user who was none too happy about the DoD’s decision.

The Military Times confirmed the authenticity of the memo through the Department of Defense.

If the applicant were to fail screening for coronavirus, a fourteen-day window must pass to ensure they are symptom free (despite no tests being administered at MEPS).

Any individual with a positive diagnosis will be given a 28-day waiting period before they can return to MEPS- only to be marked as “permanently disqualified.”

While waivers are always an option, the coronavirus issue is rather new and any waivers that could come down the chain may take some time.

Despite this discouraging news for potential new recruits (particularly at a time when the military is hurting for new personnel), new trainees who did make it in are being screened for coronavirus.

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