Leader of Iraqi Shiite militia threatens to attack United States

Akram Abbas al Kabi, the “secretary general” of the Harakat Nujaba, holds hands with Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah. Image from the League of the Righteous’s website.

Shite militia leader Akram Abbas al Kabi threatened to attack the United States for allegedly killing 10 members of an aligned militia fighting against ISIS in Iraq, Asaib al Haq. Kabi is the leader of the Shiite militia known as Harakat Nujaba and said that the U.S. is responsible for an explosion near Abu Ghraib last weekend that was responsible for these ten deaths.

Other Shiite militias have also claimed that the U.S. killed these 10 militiamen in an airstrike, but American officials have maintained that there were no U.S. airplanes in the vicinity of the explosion at that time.

According to the Long War Journal, Kabi said that Shiite militias will have “vengeance” for the alleged attack. He also added, “All resistance movements will seek revenge in a timely manner.”

This Iraqi militia commander is not the first to threaten to attack the U.S. this year. Muqtada al Sadr, another radical Shiite cleric, also said in May that he would attempt an assault on Americans in Iraq if the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill recognizing independent nations for the Sunnis and Kurds, groups that are rivals to the Shiites.  The issue is moot, however, as the part of the bill that recognized independent nations for the Sunnis and Kurds has since been removed.

Kabi has been hostile to the U.S. for several years. He led assaults against American and Iraqi forces during the Mahdi cease-fire in the spring of 2008. Kabi also provided weapons for various military operations against Coalition Forces in 2008. In that same year, the U.S. listed him as a specially designated global terrorist.  Many suspect that he aided Shiite terror groups and the Mahdi Army when they attacked U.S. and Iraqi troops as they constructed a barrier around a large portion of Sadr City.

Prior to assuming the role of leader of the militia group, Kabi was one of its military commanders. He then became the militia’s interim leader after Qais Qazali was captured in 2007 by U.S. forces.

This terrorist militia also works closely with Hezbollah, the Lebanese group that the U.S. designates as a terrorist organization. They have both strategically coordinated many activities together, such as sending Iraqi militia fighters to Syria.

Harakat Nujaba is proud of its relationship with Hezbollah. Nujaba’s website features a photograph of Kabi holding hands with the leader of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah.


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