Landlord tells Army vet with dead body’s blood all over, “you’re a vet, you should be used to this kind of stuff”

A US Army veteran living in Canada had a dispute with a landlord after his upstairs neighbor died in Winnipeg, Canada.

Adam Hocket said after he was taking a shower on Saturday evening when he noticed blood pouring through the ceiling of the bathroom.

Hocket said he called 911 as he ran upstairs to check on his neighbor.

After knocking and calling for his neighbor, he was unable to receive a response. Emergency responders had to cut through the lock to make entry into the residence.

“Out of respect of the deceased, I will forgo any details,” Hockett wrote in a social media post. “But it was clear he had a medical emergency in the bathroom and must have hit his head in the process. Which caused the massive bleeding. And based on observations and opinion of the paramedics. He had been deceased several days.”

Hockett said he has no issue with the way emergency responders handled the situation but blames his landlord, Sussex Reality, for the way they handled the aftermath.

“We were able to contact the caretaker’s supervisor,” he said. “The caretaker explained the situation, and he received no assistance in both dealing with the situation and what I should do in regards to my suite.”

Hocket said he was able to get a hold of the caretaker’s supervisor, whom he told the smell of deceased and the blood was unbearable. To make matters worse, the outside temperature was -25 degrees so opening windows to ventilate the smell was not an option.

“He kept talking in circles, refused to give me anyone else to contact, and kept telling me just contact your insurance it is not my problem,” Hockett said.

Hockett told the supervisor he could not live in the suite for three more days -the timeframe the supervisor gave him- without access to a washroom.

“It’s traumatic and is bringing back issues I had from being on the scene when we lost a soldier in a very tragic accident 6 months ago,” Hockett told the supervisor.

Hockett claims the supervisor told him:

“You are a veteran, you should be used to this kind of stuff…call your vets up, they can find you a place to stay. This isn’t my problem”

Sussex Realty called Hocket soon after his social media post began being shared by hundreds of people -being shared 5,000 times by Sunday.

A cleaning company was eventually sent out to the suite.

“It took a lot of shares on social media for things to start changing around,” Hockett said.

According to CBS News, Hockett is staying with friends temporarily and worries how other people with fewer means than him would have handled the same situation.

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