Korean War pilot has a message for Tom Cruise: “I could have waxed his ass in a dogfight”

(Scott Garfield/Paramount Pictures/TNS)

The father of a financial mentor and motivational speaker is certain he would have “waxed” Tom Cruise back in the day.

In an Instagram video posted by John MacGregor, what seems to be a quiet dinner sets the scene for the unexpected.

However, the now-cliche “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins begins to play, and MacGregor begins to ask his father a question.

“What did you say about Tom Cruise,” MacGregor asks.

Looking up from his food, the former F-86 Saber pilot and Korean War veteran held nothing back.

“I said I think I could have waxed his ass in a dogfight,” he said before seamlessly returning to his dinner.

Mr. Cruise, consider yourself eighty-sixed.

While Cruise was not permitted to fly the fighters in Top Gun or its sequel, he is a private pilot and even owns a P-51 Mustang, which also saw limited service in Korea after making a name for itself in World War II.

The North American F-86 Saber, created by the same company that made the P-51, was the prolific combat jet fighter of the “Forgotten War,” and frequently went head-to-head with its silvery swept-wing Soviet contemporary, the MiG-15.

Remembered for its signature yellow stripes and open intake, the F-86 is an icon of American aviation history, and was quite an advancement in aviation at the time. A radar-capable version, the F-86D (known as the Saber Dog) was created to address the stock 86’s shortcomings but was produced too late to see service in the Korean War.

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