Karma? Russian soldier dies after replacing armor plate with stolen Macbook in Ukraine

Screenshots from video below

A Russian soldier is believed to have been killed wearing a MacBook where a ballistic plate should have been.

The allegation arose after a video surfaced, showing a Ukrainian soldier holding up a MacBook that was reportedly looted by the Russian.

The video and a translation were provided on Reddit.

“Blyat, fuing bomb,” the soldier is reported to have said. “I fuing thought fuing looter found himself nice plate. Pulled it out, blyat, and it is like this, and I think, what the fk, it’s double layered plate, interesting, I flip it to look on other side and it’s not a fuing steel plate, blyat! He took away a fuing plate, and instead of fuing plate, he put in a Macbook. What a guy! What a fuing warriors, katsapi. Bomb.

According to a Redditor who provided the translation, “Katsap” is Urkainian and Polish deragotory term for Russians. It came from Turkish word “kasap,” meaning “butcher.”

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