‘Karen’ has meltdown after combat veteran tells her not to text and drive

A young woman involved in a road rage incident -which she incidentally started- went on a threatening and semi-coherent tirade after she was honked at by a veteran for holding up traffic while texting.

The unnamed woman reportedly held up traffic and became angry after a veteran honked at her, resulting in a confrontation at a nearby gas station.

“This special lady was holding traffic while texting,” the veteran said of the incident. “Honked my horn and after a few exchanges, she decided to dismount and face an armed combat veteran.”

The woman claimed that she would press charges against the man and his partner for filming the confrontation, and then proceeded to film the couple, all while using foul language.

“This little b**** a*** h*e, right here,” the woman said, referring to the passenger.

Eventually, the woman, who is shaking, goes on another tirade. De-escalating the situation, the veteran pulls away and drives off.

This article originally appeared in April, 2019

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