Jumpmaster throws crying, scared paratrooper out of a plane

Brazil is known for many things, from beautiful women to gorgeous beaches and brutal gang wars.

One thing it is not known for, however, is its paratrooper corps.

The video, which was recorded early last month, makes a terrible case for the airborne units of Brazil, depicting a crying and hysterical jumper that ultimately has to be forced from the aircraft.

Writhing around on the deck near the open ramp of the cargo aircraft, the reluctant jumper -who appears to be a female of short stature- fought off several people for a short period of time but was ultimately shoved out into the South American sky.

The bouncer like-throw of the Navy jumpmaster, allegedly known on Reddit as “wallacelima,” was applauded by the internet community.

“That was beautiful,” one user told him. “The screaming, the jovial toss. Work of art.”

“Thanks,” wallacelima replied. “As bad as it sounds on my part, this leap is really necessary. We cannot have a military parachutist who has never parachuted.”

Later in the video, several female jumpers of the Brazilian Army, Navy and Marine Corps make their way out in style, sporting mascara and makeup.

Only in Brazil, right?

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