JROTC instructor loses it over students sleeping in class

A JROTC instructor revealed his “chaotic good” side by keeping his cadets awake during another dull day in high school, and the video is well worth your time.

Set to the backtune of the “Mission Impossible” theme, the stout instructor utilizes stealth and a heavy book to sneakily approach his sleeping victims and wake them with a steady thud of book slamming into a hard surface, jolting the offenders back into the world of the living.

The video compilation was posted to TikTok by @daddyytv.

The instructor is clearly well-liked by his students and frequently flashes them a manic smile.

The video has since been posted to /r/TikTokCringe/, where users applauded the instructor for being less serious about waking the students, instead turning it into a fun affair.

“That man’s grin screams chaotic good,” wrote one user.

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