Jordan brings charges against soldier involved with killing 3 Army Green Berets

(Right) Brian McEnroe kisses the casket containing the remains of his son U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Kevin McEnroe during his funeral at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia on December 5, 2016. McEnroe, and two other service members with the Green Berets from 5th Special Forces Group, were killed in Jordan, coming under fire while entering a Jordanian military base. Photo by Kevin Dietsch/UPI /Facebook.


The government of Jordan is formally charging one of its soldiers with murder over his alleged involvement in the 2016 attack that claimed the lives of three Army Green Berets.

CNN reports a Jordanian official, speaking on conditions of anonymity said, “He is being officially charged with murder with intent to kill.”

The unnamed Jordanian official did not disclose the soldier’s name for CNN.

The fathers of the three US Army Green Berets killed have been demanding answers, claiming their sons were murdered in cold blood.

Special Forces Sergeant First Class Matthew Lewellen and Staff Sergeants Kevin McEnroe and James Moriarty were mortally wounded by rounds fired from the rifle of Jordanian Corporal Ma’arik Al-Tawayha (AKA M’areek Abu Tayeh) as the trio was stopped at the front gate of a Jordanian military facility in November.

Despite initial Jordanian media reports that the SF soldiers failed to comply with Jordanian base entry procedures, the US Special Operations Command investigation determined the Green Berets  — who were not wearing body armor — followed proper procedures prior to the shooting and “demonstrated valorous conduct and extraordinary heroism” in the face of not-so friendly fire.

One of the fallen’s fathers said Jordan’s claims the men didn’t follow procedures demanded an explanation and accountability.

“Over four months have passed since our boys were murdered,” said SSG McEnroe’s father, Brian McEnroe in a story published by Popular Military in March. “None of our families has heard any apology, condolences or explanation from the Jordanians other than these false narratives — insulting false narratives. And in my mind, Jordan is, at the very least, guilty of complicity in the murder of these three American brave servicemen.”

According to the Stars and Stripes, SSgt. Sgt. James R. Moriarty father, James, has called upon the US to end foreign aid to Jordan in light of the murders.

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  • Jim Verchio is a staff writer for Popular Military. As a retired Air Force Public Affairs craftsman, Jim has served at all levels. From staff writer to Editor-In-Chief, he has more than 30 years experience covering military topics in print and broadcast from the CONUS to Afghanistan. He is also a two time recipient of the DoD’s prestigious Thomas Jefferson Award for journalism excellence.

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