Jim Jones says rapping is more dangerous than Iraq, “ya’ll was just shooting kids”

An aging rapper has engaged in a battle with an Iraq War veteran, claiming that being a rapper is a far more dangerous gig than engaging the enemies of the United States in close combat.

Jim Jones, a 43-year-old lyrical artist from Harlem, NYC, squared of against Mez, a USMC Iraq War veteran who took issue with Jones’ comment about how “being a rapper was more dangerous than being a Soldier.”

“Heard the comments you made about ‘being a rapper is harder than fighting a war in Iraq,’” Mez wrote on Instagram. “You[‘re] allowed to have your opinion without any facts nor truth to it, but as a Vet and a hip-hop fan, I found it extremely disrespectful and ignorant. Here’s some facts: my unit which fought in Iraq 2004 lost more Marines in two months than ‘rappers’ in the past 3 years. Keep talking, but there is zero comparison!”

Jones snapped back, excessively using a variation of an ignorant racial slur used to describe black people.

“Here are facts,” he began, abandoning any attempt at grammar, spelling, punctuation and civility. “Every ***** I grew up with is either dead or in jail so u wanna compare death tolls it won’t add up. U went to army n met ***** u never knew or grew up wit. I grew up with all these ***** all my life so it hit different. Y’all was shootin’ at kids n innocent bystanders in the midst of shootin’ at the enemy… We was at war when we was born.”

Seemingly ignorant that all but one year of the Iraq War was against non-uniformed insurgents, Jones claimed that troops fighting in the conflict were given the luxury of knowing friend from foe.

“Y’all had American uniforms on and the enemy had there [sic] uniform on,” he said.

Mez later responded, claiming the events of 9/11 inspired him to enlist, and that most rappers are motivated by money.

“You want to compare a lifestyle choice in comparison to somebody that not only subjects themselves to danger protecting their loved ones, but people they don’t even know,” Mez wrote. “When you get into the rap game you’re doing it for what? Money. Not every single rapper, but you know who those rappers are- those are the ones who don’t get caught in the mainstream rap.”

In his Instagram post, Jones asked the public to decide.

“I need answers y’all,” the 43-year-old rapper wrote. “Like I said being a rapper is 1 of the most dangerous jobs on the planet.”

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