“It’s not a cool job:” Soldier arrested for smuggling immigrants says he was embarrassed by his Army career

Private First Class Brandon Broadhead (Twitter/X/Facebook)

Another soldier has been arrested for smuggling “migrants” who crossed the US border into Texas from Mexico.

On Saturday, Army Reserve Private First Class Brandon Broadhead was apprehended by the Kinney County Sheriff’s Department after he turned around before a surprise Border Patrol checkpoint.

Broadhead was caught with two illegal immigrants from Mexico in his vehicle and claims he was offered money from a cartel to transport them.

During an interview, he “shared his story in the hopes that it will prevent others from getting involved with these criminal organizations,” according to Ali Bradley, of NewsNation.

The 23-year-old part-time soldier says he joined the Army Reserves to help pay for his tuition at Texas State University after struggling with his studies during COVID.

“I was like, you know, I’ve always heard that the military (or) the Army will pay for your tuition, so I enlisted,” Broadhead said.

Private First Class Brandon Broadhead (Facebook)

He claimed his father was born in Vietnam during the war and his grandmother always encouraged him to join.

“I don’t like even like telling people I serve in the Army because of my job,” he said. “It’s not Infantry or whatever -you know- one of the cool jobs.”

Broadhead revealed his job in the Army “Shower and Laundy Specialist (92S).”

“Off the bat, it already sounds like you do showers and people’s laundry but my mindset was mainly for college,” he said.

So when a friend connected him with a low-level cartel member, who promised him $5,000 in cash if he smuggled migrants who had crossed the southern border into Texas, he took the opportunity to take the money for his school.

He also said his mom was sick and unable to work, so he needed the money.

As instructed, Broadhead headed to Eagle Pass from Austin and picked up a woman and a man from Mexico.

He made it to Kinney County but turned around before checkpoint which alerted law enforcement.

Kinney County Sheriff’s Department confirmed his arrest with a photo of him being booked but what specific charges he faces are still unclear at this time.

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