Israeli soldiers under fire for posting ‘thirst trap’ videos after hundreds died in Gaza conflict

Accusations have continued to pile over the past month that the Israeli Defense Forces are using their signature asset -beautiful conscripts and veterans- to make light of a recent conflict with the unofficial state of Palestine.

One of the Israeli TikTok starlets,  former IDF military policewoman Natalia Fadeevy, has been making pro-Israeli content and getting lots of male attention in the process.

”I proudly served as a military police officer for three years in the IDF, now tell me, do I look like I could harm innocent civilians?” she asked in one video.

”Stop spreading lies about Israel, we have the most moral military!”

TikToker, Yael Deri, who has 1.4 million followers, also posts videos, frequently dancing at checkpoints during her duties. 

According to The Sun, Fadeevy has over one million followers on the Chinese government-affiliated social media platform. 

Rebecca Stein, professor of cultural anthropology at Duke University and author of Digital Militarism, claims the “thirst trap” strategy of using beautiful Israeli soldiers is nothing new.

”They considered themselves pioneers in the language of social media, and that was important for them.

”There is a long history within Israel of military iconography favoring the beauty in uniform as a nationalist symbol,” she told Rolling Stone. “The military is using it in new ways to meet the needs of the digital moment.”

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