Israeli Defense Force cosplay e-girl gets called up to serve for real

Source: Instagram

The original “recruiter e-girl” is having to put her money where her mouth is, after she was forced to mobilize in light of growing tensions along the Gaza strip.

Known for her military and Israeli Defense Force-themed cosplay on social media, Natalia Fadeev paved the way for other military e-girls such as Hailey Lujan.

Fadeev, who is still a reservist in the Israeli Defense Forces, was recently mobilized in light of the attacks on Israel by Hamas.

Taking to Instagram, Fadeev explained to her 776,000 followers that she might be a little too preoccupied for online content at the current moment.

“I won’t be active much on social media. I joined my unit for reserve duty, idk (I don’t know) for how long. Pray for us,” she wrote.

@bobshesh #israel #🇮🇱 #🇵🇸 #pelestine #arab ♬ son original – History

According to the New York Post, the message was a caption on a photo of her in her IDF uniform.

After launching their attack during the final days of the holy Jewish holiday of Sukkot, Hamas quickly flooded the internet with videos of themselves taking Israeli hostages.

In addition to hostage-taking and attacking Israeli territories through unconventional means, Hamas also unleashed indirect fire attacks, with Israel estimating that around 800 of their own citizenry have died.

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