Israel says five of their soldiers were killed by friendly fire in Gaza but video claims otherwise

An alleged friendly fire incident between Israeli Defense Forces units has made high-profile news— however, Hamas-affiliated fighters are claiming that they were responsible for the casualties.

In what might be the most bizarre cover-up if found to be true, Hamas affiliates took credit for the death of several Israeli soldiers believed to be killed by friendly fire.

Soldiers killed in northern Gaza on May 15, 2024. Top row, left to right: Sgt. Ilan Cohen, Sgt. Daniel Chemu, Staff Sgt. Betzalel David Shashuah; bottom row, left to right: Staff Sgt. Gilad Arye Boim, Cpt. Roy Beit Yaakov. (Israel Defense Forces)

The incident in question involved an Israeli tank that opened fire on a building while infantry were in close proximity.

While fratricide is nothing new for the Israeli Defense Forces — it is so prevalent in their lore that it is even referenced multiple times in Israeli military films— and such incidents do happen in the fog of war, this incident seems particularly outstanding in the sense that the enemy is claiming it to be false.

“Israel is lying about the “friendly fire” because the Palestinian resistance has already released the footage of detonating the house which the soldiers were hiding in,” an Arab Twitter source claimed, posting a video from the perspective of Hamas fighters.

“Israel lies because it wants to undermine the resistance and its viability. Also it lies to its own people to save face.”

The video does indeed show fighting in close quarters, as well as Israeli troops being fired at by Hamas fighters.

Whether or not the video —which appears to be shot from different angles— “proves” anything is another story.

For now, the official record is that the casualties were the result of Israeli friendly fire.

Not unlike the war between Russia and Ukraine, reports from the IDF and Hamas’s respective propaganda wings should be taken with a grain of salt, particularly in an era where social media often determines the relative public opinion on certain aspects of the conflicts.

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