Islamic State publicly executes four men in Mosul, Iraq

One of the four men is seen blindfolded and forced to his knees in central Mosul while a masked Islamic State militant reads out the charges against him.

The Islamic State has publicly executed four men in Nineveh, Iraq for armed robbery and murder via a report by Al Arabiya News.

An undated video shows a masked member of the terrorist organization in front of a large crowd reading the charges brought against the men over a loudspeaker. The speaker says the men were convicted by the “Islamic Court in the State of Nineveh.”

The video then depicts the beheading of the four men via a sword by a masked executioner. Their bodies are then hung on crosses on the back of a small pickup truck.

Recently, security forces and allied paramilitaries have been successful in driving militants out of Baghdad, as the terrorists group controlled large areas of the provinces to the north and west in June.

ISIS has committed many cruelties in the parts of Iraq and Syria they control including public beheading, mass executions, enslavement and rape.

Mosul Beheading 2
Interview: All of the men wear their beards without mustaches in a style commonly associated with Islamist beliefs and their military-style clothing suggests the victims may well have been fighters themselves



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