ISIS terrorists planned executions of servicemembers and police officers in Florida

Suspected ISIS supporters, Dayne Antani Christian (left) and Gregory Hubbard (middle).

Three men in Florida’s Palm Beach County men were arrested after the FBI uncovered their intentions of supporting ISIS and carrying out attacks on U.S. soil, even targeting service members.

The FBI waited to make their arrests until one of the men, Gregory Hubbard, was arrested after he cleared a TSA security checkpoint with an FBI undercover informant while attempting to board a flight to Berlin -in hopes of traveling to Syria- on July 21st, according to Palm Beach Post.

“Individuals seeking to travel and take up arms with ISIS pose a threat to the United States and humanity across the globe,” said Southern District U.S. Attorney Wifredo A. Ferrer.

Hubbard was arrested with two other accomplices, Darren Arness Jackson, 50, and Dayne Antani Christian, 31.  Jackson had been conducting firearms training with Hubbard and the FBI informant for weeks prior to the arrest.  Christian, a convicted felon for a firearm charge, was allegedly responsible for helping to arm the group.

The men reportedly used the JW Corbett Wildife Management Area and local shooting ranges to train with semi-automatic pistols and rifles, according to testimony from special agent Brian King.

Other reports suggest they also compiled a cache of different firearms and were looking to obtain a Uzi sub-machine gun.

The men were apparently far from being secretive about their affinity for radical Islam, causing some to question why the FBI took so long to make the arrests.

Hubbard voiced support for the mass shootings in San Bernardino, Calif., and Orlando, saying he “did not care how many Americans and Infidels were killed,” according to federal investigators.

Special agent King testified that Hubbard also talked about building a bomb to kill police officers, but he changed his mind because it could spoil his travel plans.

One of the men, Dwane Christian, told his boss that Muslims has a right to defend themselves while showing him a terrorist propaganda video. He even discussed following military personnel home from his gym and executing them with a “pop,” according to an FBI affidavit.

Christian went as far as detailing one of his intended targets, a gym-goer who wore a U.S. Marine Corps T-shirt.

The Islamic State has urged supporters to attack military members and their families on many occasions -even releasing lists of names and addresses. On Tuesday, ISIS released its most recent “hit list” of over 700 specifically-identified US Soldiers, urging their agents to “kill the dogs.”

The FBI documents did not list the gym that was targeted but Christian is listed as a resident of Lake Park – a small section of eastern North Palm Beach- which has a LA Fitness, Planet Fitness, and a Crunch.

The official complaint states that Hubbard, also known as Jibreel, introduced the informant to Christian and Jackson, both of whom provided weapons and firearms instruction to Hubbard and the informant with known intentions of preparing to fight for ISIS.

According to court records, all three were charged with knowingly conspiring and attempting to provide material support and resources to ISIS.

Gregory Hubbard, Darren Arness Jackson and Dayne Antani Christian plead not guilty to their charges on July 27, demanding a trial by jury.

Hubbard was denied bond by Judge Dave Lee Brannon, who determined Hubbard was a flight risk and a potential danger to the community.

“His comments and actions, his training with firearms, all show a desire to be an active warrior in jihad,” Brannon said.

Christian and and Jackson waived their bond hearing but reserved their right to ask for bond.

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