“ISIS Sucks” Billboard erected in Chicago, more cities to come

In an effort to combat the American anti-Muslim sentiment that grows in the minds of Americans who believe the acts of the ISIS are reflective of Islam and its followers beliefs, a controversial billboard has been erected just west of Chicago.

A billboard with the message, ‘Hey Isis, You suck!!!’ was hoisted on Thursday by a a non-profit organization called ‘Sound Vision’, which is dedicated to changing the way Muslims are portrayed in the media.

The message condemning ISIS is accompanied by a verse from the Quran that says, “Life is sacred.”

According to a statement on their website, the billboard campaign was envisioned by a group of young American Muslim fathers on a WhatsApp group in Chicago.

“It’s about shouting out, ‘ISIS does not represent me, I’m Muslim, I say the word ‘sucks,’ I’m like everyone else in my country,'” Leena Suleiman, the director of creative engagement at Sound Vision, told NBC.

“Obviously Muslims know that ISIS sucks, so the main audience is people who are not Muslims,” she said.

“People who need to hear that Muslims are not OK with what ISIS is doing.”

“Extremism, when done in the name of a religion, creates the image that the religion itself is perpetuating and encouraging violence against innocent people, although there is no such religion. This then produces a phobia against that religion, and in this zeitgeist, that religion happens to be Islam,” she said.

Sound Vision plans to expand the “ISIS sucks” campaign to other major cities, according to Suleiman.  The Sound Vision website provides some limited information about how to “bring ‘ISIS Sucks’ billboard(s) to your city” for those who are interested in getting involved.

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